Cloth for Carwash equipment.

NEOGLIDE foam for carwash equipment.

The car wash industry has been a part of the Kirikian family for three generations, since 1967. It started with owning and operating full service car washes, which quickly led to the engineering end of car wash equipment. In the early seventies, Art Kirikian Sr. played a major role in the development and customer acceptance of soft cloth in the car wash industry. Over the past three decades, he has been responsible for hundreds of car wash installations throughout the Northeast United States and Europe. In the late eighties, Art Kirikian Sr. was joined by his three sons: Serko, Chris, and Art Jr., who took over the responsibilities of running the full service car washes, as well as assisting on the equipment side of the family business. Striving to improve existing car wash equipment technology resulted in the family partnership of Kirikian Industries, which led to the creation and development of the Neoglide technology.

Kirikian Industries is in the forefront of foam washing material technology, ushering a new generation of Neoglide washing material. We have successfully converted hundreds of car washes throughout North America and Europe to Neoglide. We consider ourselves operators first, and have developed the Neoglide technology from and operator's standpoint. We are committed to customer service because we know and understand that customer service is the most important aspect for a car wash operator. We are always striving to improve and enhance the Neoglide technology, always trying to give our customers the best foam washing material on the market today.

Kirikian Industries original revolutionary plastic modular design was originally created to run the Neoglide material and replace the old heavy aluminum hubs. Our plastic modular design can be adapted to most equipment with a 1 ½ shaft, with the plastic hub available in 5" and 10" modular sections. The lighter plastic hub results in less wear and tear on support equipment, but yet strong enough to absorb an impact of a vehicle. The plastic hub is more forgiving than aluminum and will sacrifice itself if it gets caught on a hitch of rack on a car. The advantage of lighter hub is more apparent in the wrap arounds. The Neoglide hub is 1/3 the weight on the end of wrap boom, which results in lighter wrap adjustment and a smoother running machine. We recommend a quality lubricating soap on the wraps to assist the wraps in cleaning and running smooth. Imagine being able to clean the side as well as the back of the vehicles.
With our modular design you can build you side wheel to any height you desire. Because the Neoglide material is so gentle, you can build rocker at mirror height and not worry about mirror damage. The versatile modular design reduces cost by enabling you to replace only the worn 10" section of the side wheel and not the whole side wheel. The plastic hub also gives your tunnel a fresh clean look. The side wheels come assembled with all the mounting hardware you need to convert your wash to a Neoglide wash system today.

This revolutionary new wash material is extremely gentle to today's soft clearcoat cars. NEOGLIDEinhibits water absorption and resists grit and dirt from becoming imbedded into the material, so there is no disturbance of the clearcoat paint. It eliminates pulling, tugging and damage to exterior car parts. It outcleans, outlasts, and outperforms conventional cloth for a superior job.

NEOGLIDE is gentle to all types of vehilces.

NEOGLIDE is easy to install with a Unique Modular Design.

NEOGLIDE has a phenomenal brightening effect on painted surfaces.

NEOGLIDE outcleans, outlasts, and outperforms conventional cloth.

NEOGLIDE is Revolutionary.


Neoglide has been developed over the years to maximize the benefits of utilizing a soft foam material. The advantages of using a soft and pliable material results in buffing the clearcoat paint of the vehicle, which subtly brings out the shine of the paint. The minor stretching of the pliable material is a desired effect inherent with the Neoglide. This is due to a softer material that runs quieter on the vehicle and cleans better by adhering the the contour of the vehicle compared to the harder material on the market today.

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Neoglide, replace car wash brushes with the all new Neoglide. Good for tunnel systems and rollover units. Also available for mitters. Free information provided. Contact Neoglide directly for car wash supplies. Brought to you by Kirikian Industries, your one stop for carwash supplies and replacement NEOGLIDE carwash brushes.

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