Art Kirikian, Sr. accepting the award for Leadership in Innovation.The International Car Wash Association, or I.C.A., is the association that represents approximately 3,000 members with over 18,000 car wash and detail shops. The I.C.A. has represented the car wash industry for over 49 years, with its primary mission to serve the needs of the car wash and detailing industry's professionals and to represent their interests.

The Leadership In Innovation Award is an award, which is given to the company, or individual who shows ingenuity in product advancement, process, or procedure in the car wash industry. This award is meant to single out an outstanding achievement by a company or individual. This prestigious award also represents the acknowledgement of car wash industry peers, who recognizes the product advancement, process or procedure by a company or individual in the car wash industry.

The Leadership In Innovation Award is presented to one company out of 400 suppliers’ manufactures and distributors, once a year at the Car Care Expo Convention.

KIRIKIAN INDUSTRIES LLC was the proud recipient of the Leadership In Innovation Award for 2003, for the product development of the foam washing material NEOGLIDE. Kirirkian Industries LLC received this award on May 9, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Car Care Expo, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Accepting this award is the Kirikian Family- Art Sr., Serko, Chris, and Art Jr.

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